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Visitnorway  Urke. Nice and big house for renting. Norways most beautiful fjord  Norangsfjorden  in  Ørsta  Sunnmøre.

house for rent

Visitnorway  Urke  :  Nearby is the swimming and playing place  Buvika  for children -  Norangsfjorden

Visitnorway  Urke  :  Buvika  down by the fjord  -  swimming and big green area for playing

visitnorway Urke  :  Visit the mountain  Saksa.  Walk directly from the house and up to the top. Great view in all directions.

visitnorway  Urke  :  Take your picture on the top of mountain  Saksa

Visitnorway  Urke  :  A litle boat for 5 persons is included in the renting

Visitnorway  Urke    Plenty of fishes in the fjord    Fish from the warf or from the boat

visitnorway  Urke  :  On the way up to  mountain Saksa. In the picture  : Mountain  Stålberghornet ,  Lekneskollen ,  Stålberghornet

Norangsdalen  -  a  wild and narrow valley with very high mountains on both sides.

 Down by the water.  Nice trees  and  relaxing place.

From  the  top of mountain  Saksa  looking to  Sæbø on the right side and Urke on the left side.  And  Bjørke in the middle.

A very , very ,very nice walk on Flofjellet. Drive to Hellesylt and to Vollset deep in the valley and park.  Walk to Flo and back .

Geirangerfjord . Drive to Hellesylt 40 minutes from the Urke house and park your car.  Take the ferry to Geiranger and back.

Briksdalensbreen glacier is a day trip by car.  Drive to Horningdal , Stryn , Olden , Briksdalen and walk to the glacier.